Energy Management

Laser Electrical Kings Park is committed to a cleaner, brighter future and has dedicated itself to helping others achieve the same. We provide energy management solutions across Sydney Metropolitan, North Coast and South Coast. Increasing energy costs are already impacting on our day to day living. Our skilled technicians and electricians can assist in saving energy, creating clean energy and reducing your electricity bills.

We have a skilled team of electricians and control engineers who can provide energy efficient systems for your home or office building. We offer “energy audits” to both commercial and residential clients that are designed to identify areas of energy wastage and provide effective strategies for improvement.

Laser Electrical Kings Park can assist in energy auditing of factories, offices, housing and almost any facility that uses electricity. Our highly trained staff will visit your premises, carry out a full and extensive audit, and provide a range of options and initiatives to assist you in saving money, as well as the environment. We will provide you with some inexpensive ways to quickly reduce your power costs, as well as more elaborate strategies on how to save energy or generate electricity using renewable energy.

LED Lighting

Laser Electrical Kings Park can design, supply and install LED lighting for clients across Sydney Metropolitan, North Coast and South Coast. We only use the highest quality LED products, ensuring high reliability and return on your investment.

Why choose LED lighting? LED lighting is more eco friendly and consumes less electricity, which can help you reduce your electricity bills. Laser Electrical Kings Park can design, install or provide advice on the LED lighting solution that fits your requirements. We have access to a wide range of high quality LED products and our qualified electricians will make sure your lighting is installed safely. Our lighting designs, solutions and installations are 100% in compliance with Australian standards.

To learn more about our energy efficient solutions or to discuss your requirements, please contact us.