Workplace Compliance

Workplace health and safety is an issue facing every business, regardless of its size.  Laser Electrical Kings Park work with businesses across Sydney Metropolitan, North Coast and South Coast to ensure their workplace and premises comply with WHS regulations.  We take the time to go through the legislative requirements and ensure employers understand their responsibilities.

We provide the following services to assist in workplace compliance:

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Emergency Lighting

Laser Electrical Kings Park provides supply and installation of all exit and emergency lighting electrical work for commercial clients across Sydney Metropolitan, North Coast and South Coast. We also provide scheduled testing of emergency lighting systems to ensure they will work as needed when necessary and ensure general lighting levels are adequate for the tasks being performed within each space.

What we can do for you:

  • Installation of illuminated exit signs in hallways, staircases and emergency exits.
  • Automatic emergency lights and back-up power supply.
  • Regular lighting inspection, updating and replacing damaged emergency lights.

Test & Tag

Laser Electrical Kings Park provides testing and tagging of industrial machines, office equipment, kitchen appliances and other electrical appliances to ensure they are safe to use. We provide testing and tagging services to clients across Sydney Metropolitan, North Coast and South Coast.

Testing and tagging of all tools and equipment particularly on onsite work and building sites is required, in compliance to health and safety standards.  Testing and tagging all your equipment can also give you peace of mind and reassurance that you are keeping your business site safe, protecting yourself and others from potential hazards or accidents. 

RCD Testing

Laser Electrical Kings Park provides RCD installation and testing to help you comply with Australian standards.  We ensure RCDs are installed when required and provide regular testing to ensure their correct operation.

An RCD is designed to detect any disruption to the electrical flow through the electrical circuit and to switch the power off should a disruption associated with electric shock or electrocution is detected.  It is designed to save lives and protect yourself and others from accidents.  Laser Electrical Kings Park can provide regular inspection and testing to make sure that your RCD is working properly.

For questions on workplace compliance or to discuss your requirements, please contact us.